*You must be a member of this site to pawticipate so join the fun !

*Mail just 1 photo and not more, becauce only one photo can be in the competition that month.

*There can only be a maximum of 20 photo's pawticipating in one contest.
When we have recieved 20 picures and the contest is closed you will see that on our blog. 

*All submissions AFTER the 14th will not be accepted.

*When you ask friends to vote , keep in mind that you can only ask friends who have a blog about their pets as well.
We will ask KC if the Catbloghosphere will post a message when it is voting time so effurybody will get a fair change.

*You may pawticipate in a contest and still vote for your favorite!

*If you vote anonymous please put the link to your blog in the emai.

*Most important lets have fun together!!

Please note that we live in completely different time zone's and I will blog according to the time and date in The Netherlands.
You can find the time and date in The Netherlands in the sidebar.